The Benefits of Compression Boots for Recovery and Fitness

As an athlete over 40, workouts take a little longer to recover from. Compression boots for recovery are a tool that I use to help soothe my muscles and reduce swelling. I have found that just 10 – 30 minutes of use after a hard run or leg workout dramatically shortens DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Compression boots are designed to help prevent muscle soreness, improve range of motion and circulation, reduce swelling and promote healing. They can be used for recovery (see also ‘How Do Our Recovery Needs Change As We Age?’)  and therapy after a workout.

I find that compression boots help me recover from workouts faster so that I can get back to training sooner. Compression boots have also been shown to improve performance by increasing blood flow and, therefore, oxygen to the muscles.

If you are looking for a way to speed up your recovery time or just want an edge in your training, consider using compression boots.

What are compression boots?

Compression boots are devices that apply pressure to the legs and feet to promote circulation and reduce swelling. Historically, compression devices were used by people who have suffered from an injury, have difficulty walking, or are recovering from surgery.

Compressions Boots for Recovery

What are the benefits of compression boots for recovery?

Compression boots are a type of legwear that are designed to help with various issues such as leg pain, swelling, and fatigue. They work by applying pressure to the legs, which can help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Additionally, compression boots can also be helpful in recovering from injury, and in reducing the risk of future injuries.

Who can benefit from compression boots?

Compression boots are beneficial for those who:

– are looking to recover faster after a hard workout

– have swelling or inflammation in the legs

– have pain or discomfort in the legs

– are recovering from a leg injury

– have poor circulation in the legs

– are pregnant

How do compression boots work?

Compression boots are designed to help improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation. The boots have air pockets that alternately fill and deflate, applying pressure to your legs. This pressure helps to push blood from your extremities back toward your heart. Compression boots are often used to help with:

– Recovery from injury

– Treatment of chronic conditions such as lymphedema

– Reduction of swelling and inflammation

– Relief from pain and discomfort

– Improved circulation

What are the different types of compression boots?

There are three main types of compression boots:

– Sequential compression devices (SCD)

– Static compression devices (SCD)

– Gradient compression devices (GCD)

Each type of compression boot has its own advantages and disadvantages.

SCDs are the most commonly used type of compression boot. They are easy to use and can be adjusted to provide different levels of compression. SCDs are ideal for people who have mild to moderate swelling.

Static compression devices are not as commonly used as SCDs. They provide a constant level of compression, which can be beneficial for people with more severe swelling. However, static compression devices can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

GCDs are the least commonly used type of compression boot. They provide a gradient of compression, which means that the level of compression is highest at the ankle and decreases as it goes up the leg. GCDs are typically used for people with very severe swelling.

Many of the modern recovery devices (see also ‘Top Exercise Recovery Tips For Over 50s‘) have multiple modes of operation, including sequential and static modes of compression.

How do you choose the right compression boots for you?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right compression boots for you. First, consider the type of injury or condition you are trying to treat. Second, consider the intensity of the compression you need. Third, consider the size of the boot and make sure it will fit your leg. Finally, consider the price and make sure it fits within your budget.

How do you use compression boots?

Compression boots are a type of therapy that uses pressure to help improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation. They are often used to help with recovery (see also ‘Why You Need Rest And Recovery After Exercise’) after a workout or injury.

To use compression boots, you will need to:

– Place the boots on a level surface

– Place your feet in the boots

– Close the boots

– Choose the desired compression program and intensity

– Remove the boots after the desired time

One nuance to note is that due to the compression, your legs are likely to sweat during the treatment. I’ve found that it helps to wear thin leggings or wind pants for a more comfortable and clean experience.

What are some of the best compression boots on the market?

Here are 9 of the best compression boots available:


Therabody RecoveryAir Prime - Compression Massage Boots - Adjustable Range Air Pressure Muscle Recovery for Athletes - Deep Tissue Leg Muscles Massage with TruGrade & FastFlush Technology - Medium
  • Advanced Compression Simplified - Our easy-to-use compression system makes it easy for anybody to experience a clinically-proven pressure massage. Simply set your RecoveryAir Prime to your preferred time and pressure, then sit back, relax, and recharge your legs.
  • What's Included - RecoveryAir Prime Pump, 2 Medium Compression Boots (Outseam 31.5"-37.5"), Blocker Plug (for single garment use), DC Power Adapter, and Pump Pouch. RecoveryAir Prime is the hygienic way to recover, internal chambers create a seamless interior that won't trap excess moisture.
  • Revolutionary Technology - RecoveryAir Prime features a 180-minute battery life and two of Therabody's proprietary technologies. FastFlush Technology completes one full cycle of inflation and deflation in just 60 seconds. TruGrade Technology applies precise pressure to create a safer true negative gradient from the feet to the heart and back again.

Second Choice

Normatec Pulse 2.0 Leg Recovery System Standard Size for Athlete Leg Recovery with Normatec's Patented Dynamic Compression Massage Technology
  • Recover faster and boost circulation
  • Reduce pain and soreness
  • Like a personal, on-call massage therapist

Honorable Mentions

Rapid Reboot Leg Recovery System: Professional Dynamic Compression Massage Technology. Faster Recovery for Every Athlete. FSA/HSA Approved (Long)
  • RECOVER FASTER WITH RAPID REBOOT– This professional sequential compression helps boost circulation, improve lymphatic function, release muscle tension, increase mobility and eliminate soreness.
  • 10 PRESSURE SETTINGS (20-200 mmhg.) Our system's high pressure capabilities deliver FASTER CYCLE TIMES maximizing your time and results each session. Choose between 10/20/30 min sessions according to your needs.
  • 4 ZONES - Our Boot attachment provides full leg coverage (Foot, calf, knee, thigh). ACTIVATE/ DEACTIVATE Zones - you choose which zones to target or avoid giving you full control over your recovery. We offer 5 SIZES - to help you find a more perfect fit. Each pair of boots also has a built in expander.
SLS3 Leg Recovery System | Air Compression Boots for Athletes | Sequential Relax Massage | Improved Circulation and Faster Recovery | German Designed
  • DESIGNED FOR ATHLETES: The SLS3 Compression Recovery System offers industry leading pressure to help your muscles recover faster and eliminate fatigue. BEST compression = FASTER recovery.
  • PRO LEVEL RECOVERY: With 6 different programs, isolation mode and adjustable pressure settings, you’ll experience a more custom recovery than other compression boots on the market.
  • THE FINER DETAILS: The unit (110V power input - US outlet) comes with a long power cord to easily move it around. The pump is quiet enough that you can still watch TV at a normal volume while using the system. The leg sleeves have pockets to hide all of the tubes and protect the connections. Each package comes with two leg sleeves (4 chambers overlapping), inflation device (pump), remote control (3 feet distance range) and a carrying case. This is an investment you won’t regret.
Doctor Life (FSA HSA Approved) Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager : Device, Foot and Leg Recovery Boots - Improved Blood Circulation and Fast Sports Recovery (SP-2000, L)
  • FDA Cleared (Medical OTC Grade) : Everyon can use, Recover like a PRO!
  • Variety of Uses : The DOCTOR LIFE Power Refreshing Compression System is intended to improve muscular pain relief and various circulation functions. It is especially helpful with the following: primary lymphedema, sport injuries, sport recovery, post-immobilization edema, venous insufficiencies, lymphedema, and leg swelling relief.
  • High Quality Device : 100% made in korea device with strong and durable air pump, Three boots size and extension zippers (L, XL, XXL) for wider, Simple adjustable timer and pressure lever, 110V-120V Outlet (found in most households), Durable anti-scratch case with a built-in handle.

Best Budget Options

CINCOM Leg Massager for Circulation and Pain Relief, Air Compression Foot and Calf Massager Helpful for Relaxation, Swelling and Edema Gifts for Mom and Dad (with 2 Extensions) - FSA HSA Eligible
  • 【Give Your Leg A Break】 The air compression leg massager provides cyclic air compression around your calves and feet, loosening stiff muscles, relieving fatigue and improving blood circulation. The compression boots for circulation and swelling 20 minutes auto shut-off timer provides a safe user experience.
  • 【A Personal & On-Call Leg Massage Therapist】This leg compression massager for circulation is easy to operate by the handheld controller, 2 massage modes and 3 Intensities selectable, powered by DC12V/1A. 10 massage techniques you can enjoy.
  • 【Size-adjustable Leg Wraps】 The leg massager wraps can be adjusted via the Velcro, moreover, the maximum calf circumference can be up to 28.5 inches with 2 Extensions included. No matter young people works in office, or parents stay at home, the sequential compression device can safely and easily massage leg and foot improve circulation.
Nekteck Leg Massager with Air Compression for Circulation and Relaxation, Foot and Calf Massage Machine with Hand-held Controller 2 Modes 3 Intensities, Adjustable Leg Wraps for Home and Office Use
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR FOOT AND CALF MASSAGE EXPERIENCE: Effectively relieve fatigue and discomfort of your tired feet and lower leg. The airbag pressure on your tissue will also improve the blood circulation.
  • CUSTOMIZE MODES AND INTENSITY LEVELS : 2 modes and 3 intensity levels provides different massage experience. You can maximize the strength of the pressure from the air bags with the touch on the air pressure button.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND FLEXIBLE: With the use of adjustable Velcro straps, you can loosen or tighten the massage straps according to your desire or comfort, and the maximum calf circumference can be adjusted to 22.83 inches.
QUINEAR Leg Massager with Heat Air Compression Massage for Foot & Calf Helpful for Circulation and Muscles Relaxation(FSA or HSA Approved)
  • ALL-ROUND MASSAGE FOR FEET & CALVES - 2x2 airbags inside with unique massage settings to simulate kneading and stroking of tissues, helps relieve muscle fatigue & pain and improve circulation, offers a relaxing and all round massage for your legs.
  • EFFECTIVE HEATING MASSAGE - 2 levels of heating function to provide suitable soothing warmth for your legs through all year, pretty effective to warm up cold foot & leg,reduce leg tiredness and promote circulation flow.
  • 3 MODES & 3 MASSAGE INTENSITIES FOR PREFERENCE - 3 massage modes + 3 intensities can offer various massage experience to meet your requirments, suitable for enjoying personalized massage.