How To Start Running After 40 (Motivational Tips)

If you are over 40 and hated running before, you might be experiencing a change of heart and decided to give it a shot.

Take it from me, 42, and a life long disdain for running….you CAN pick up running after 40! (I’m training for a marathon and have finally started to LOVE running. But it isn’t a fast or easy process.

Thankfully, there are plenty of motivational tips we can offer to get you to start running today!

Running has the advantage of being more universal and accessible than numerous other sporting activities.

Whether you are 45 or 65, skinny or bulky, overweight or slim, it is never too late to become a runner and add the sport to your daily routine.

And yet, several individuals over the age of 40 are uncertain of how to begin running.

They believe it is too late to become a runner and that their bodies do not have the capacity to support that ‘dream.’

For others, the inviting road or that serene path through the nearby park is always drowned out by a fridge or a crime documentary on Netflix.

Even though it is normal to wonder if you are too old to become a runner, the truth is that you will always be young to start running, even when you reach your 90s.

As for binge-eating and watching, well, you can do that after a good run.

So, continue reading below for some motivational tips on how to start running now that you are going through the fifth decade of your life.

Top Tips for Running after 40

1. Go Slow

The fact that you have decided to start running again does not mean you ought to get ready for a big race on your first day.

When you have never run before or are back in the game after a long break, adding a lot of stress on yourself could also result in injury, which will most certainly curb your initial enthusiasm.

Take it slow initially to avoid injury and keep you motivated to run.

Make running to the end of the road and back an aim. Alternatively, try imposing a timeframe.

Start running for 1 minute the first day, then add a minute every day until you reach half an hour.

With such an easy goal for the first day, there’s no way you will not start with success.

If running for 60 seconds is too hard, run for as much as you can and spend the rest of the time that’s left walking – what matters is that you keep moving.

After you’ve started jogging for half an hour each day, try increasing your speed to cover more distance in the exact time frame.

You will be amazed at how easily you can beat your previous record and how satisfying it is to hit a new target.

2. Find A Goal

Goal setting may appear to be a tedious task carried out with enterprise Specialists in uptight hotel conference rooms.

We’re, however, not referring to those kinds of goals here; we’re discussing ways to make your workout routine enjoyable.

Why not, for instance, pick a good location within the state and gradually but consistently pile up your miles till you arrive there?

Say you are in Manhattan and want to run to Brooklyn.

There are several 6 to 10-mile routes you can take, so starting the first day you go out, keep track of every mile you cover.

Try to think of the feeling of pride and joy once you realize you’ve nailed that target goal and are now off to the next challenge!

3. Run To The Beat

Identifying what beats keep you moving could be key to your running progress, irrespective of your music taste.

You might be vibing to some Beyonce or feel alive when you hear that AC/DC opening melody.

Either way, consider making a list of songs that genuinely uplifts you and use songs to empower your workouts.

You can stick to one genre or artist and listen to only one album or liven things up by creating a playlist with a wide range of sounds, pressing play, and letting the songs move you.

Interval training, which consists of high-intensity bursts of movement followed by a slower pace, is among the most efficient methods for losing weight (see also ‘16 Ways To Shed Pounds After 40‘) while working out.

So, consider adding some music that moves you along steadily and allows you to go nuts during the chorus.

Not a fan of music? Then think about listening to an audiobook or listening to a podcast on a subject that excites you.

Both can distract you from the effort of the workout and enable you to engage your brain along with your body.

4. Level Up Your Game

While starting to run does not necessitate significant expenses on equipment, there are numerous toys available to help you remain focused.

From tees that essentially absorb sweat to footwear that are scientifically and anatomically advanced, why not think about treating yourself to some quality running apparel?

If you’re interested in science, you can look into the various heart rate monitoring devices on the market.

These monitor your heartbeat as you work out and ensure that you are in control of your heart rate shifts and adjust it accordingly.

Options range from simple monitors to devices that function almost like digital coaches, recording your caloric intake, evaluating clear goals according to your current fitness level, and prompting you to go faster or slower when necessary.

5. Find A Running Pal

Asking one of your pals to join you and run with you is a great way to keep yourself motivated once you start running again.

Let’s be honest: if you are running after 40, alone, with no one to hold you accountable, it really is easy to turn off the alarm on a cold morning and miss your run.

But when you know that you have someone else waiting for you, that changes everything.

If you cannot find a neighbor to run with, look for running teams on community Facebook groups or ask around to find one.

And who knows, you could very well build a new and strong friendship and spend the rest of your lives running together and participating in marathons!

Running After 40 - Group Run is also another amazing site for locating a neighboring running buddy, which allows you to look for somebody to come with you on your jogs by zip code and workout.

In case you are too shy to invite a stranger or a neighbor to join you, why not find a virtual workout buddy?

Simply searching “online training log” will yield numerous websites that allow you to monitor your development, share it with other people, and be encouraged by an online community.

And, while we are on the subject of buddies, do not neglect a man’s best mate: a dog.

Taking your little furry friend for a run is not only great for you, but it also allows your dog to better digest and burn all that extra dry food they ate in the morning.

The Bottom Line

Running for wellness should be simple to restart.

And anyway, you’ve been doing this since or, at least, when you were a child, so you already possess the most essential tool: a functional pair of legs.

Whether you were a racer who got off track or are new to the sport, the best time to start is now. Seriously, you can do it!