5 Reasons Over 40s Should Try HIIT Training (Find Out Here!)

HIIT Training over 40 (5 Reasons You Should Try)

Over 40 and wondering if you should start HIIT training? Well, what’s stopping you?! While over 40s are perfectly capable of participating in HIIT workouts, there are a few things to consider before jumping straight into a workout session.  With this in mind, this article will outline the benefits, drawbacks, and overall reasons you should … Read more

Sportsman with shaved head and sportswear starting a big step to run in the street in front of a yellow wall

Awesome Competitive Sports For Adults Over 40 (And How To Get Involved)

Generally, in many sports, once you turn 40 your sporting career is over…but don’t despair, there are many options for competitive sports for adults! However, the majority of us don’t even get that far in the first place! Those of us who are lucky will continue our sporting career into college; although, after that, our … Read more

16 Ways to Shed Pounds After 40 (Amazing Results)

16 Ways To Shed Pounds After 40 (Amazing Results)

It will become increasingly difficult for you to keep a healthy weight as you get older. It’s tough to shed pounds after 40! That is an aspect of the situation that will never be altered. However, if you are above the age of 40 and are aware that you need to lower your body fat … Read more